Fasteners make up the backbone of our commercial activity. During the last decades we have been expanding our product portfolio constantly in order to meet our partners’ needs as fully as possible. Our current offer comprises near 26,000 items such as different hexagonal bolts, socket head screws, tapping screws and self-drilling screws, particle board and gypsum board screws, washers, nuts, threaded rods with various finishes. Besides these we also distribute of course stainless and corrosion-proof, as well as copper, plastic, and – on demand – even titanium fasteners. We also undertake to procure other standard or designed products through our partners in Europe and the Far-East.

Bolts, screws:

  • hex head bolts (like DIN 931/933/960/961, DIN 6921)
  • bolts for steel constructions (HV bolts, DIN 7990)
  • socket head bolts (like DIN 912, DIN 7991, ISO 7380)
  • machine screws (like DIN 84/963/965/7985)
  • tapping screws (like DIN 7981/7982, DIN 7504, farmer screws, etc.)
  • building and wood screws (like DIN 571, DIN 603, chipboard screws, drywall screws, hanger bolts)
  • set screws (like DIN 913/914/915/916)
  • wedge anchors, drop-in achors, concrete screws


  • hex and square nuts
  • prevailing torque nuts
  • thin and high nuts
  • castle nuts
  • welding nuts
  • wing nuts
  • turnbuckles with or without accessories


  • plain washers
  • spring washers
  • taper washers
  • shim rings
  • Kontakt, Schnorr and Nordlock washers


threaded rods, studs, rivets, blind rivets, wire rope clips, sprint cotters, split pins, different nails, spring pins, hose clamps, carabines, perforated bands, chains, steel ropes, and plenty of drawing items

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